What we do...

Focused exclusively on the needs of financial advisors, professional fund selectors, institutional investors and consultants, we offer a full array of products and services, from mutual funds to institutional strategies.

We employ a disciplined, consistent process across our global investment platform guided by three core principles: integrated research, global collaboration and active risk management.


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Integrated Research...

We look at investment opportunities for our clients around the globe by integrating fundamental equity, quantitative and credit disciplines in our analysis.

The efforts of our investment professionals around the world are fully integrated through their work on eight global sector teams, which include fundamental equity analysts who cover similar industries worldwide.


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Active Risk Management

We take a holistic approach to actively managing risk, with reviews in place at security, portfolio and firm levels and a clear focus on generating alpha for our clients. Risk management is embedded in – and an integral part of – our investment process.


All portfolios adhere to systematic daily, weekly, monthly and semiannual monitoring and review. Every member of the investment team is responsible for assessing risk, and our risk review process is rigorous, continuous and methodical. Our goal is to deliver the greatest possible return for our clients within the risk guidelines of each portfolio. Our resulting capabilities in fundamental equity research, quantitative solutions and credit expertise allow us to make the best possible investing decisions on behalf of our clients.



Our most important product is integrity, and developing our clients' trust represents the cornerstone of our business.

Shigeru Takahashi(Senior Portfolio Manager)